Last week Horse of the Sun Ranch hosted seven youth and two staff members from O’Farrell Charter School/SAY San Diego.

Over the course of three days, the middle school-aged kids worked with the Ranch staff and volunteers, and learned horsemanship skills (ground work and riding), Western leatherwork, and archery.

On Tuesday, the big surprise was a huge thunderstorm and downpour! We saw lightning strike the mountain just above the Ranch. We gained a new appreciation for the power of nature, and were thankful for the covered arena.

During the week, the kids were supported by a wide variety of volunteers and supporters of the Ranch.

Volunteers:  Eric Longsdon (Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association), Marsha Friedman, Tess Friedman (CPCStrategy), Lisa Young, Dale Harker (Mustang Man), Jim Hurl (retired San Diego Fire), Marie Kastner (Circle of Living), Alicia Barry, Maureen O’Brien, Sheila Bauer, Daria Doering, Kate Maloney, and Judy Melville.

Visitors incuded: Nancy Cummings-Slovick, Peter Klein (Vietman Veteran), Sebastian Slovin (Nature Unplugged), and Ruthie Churchill and Elaine Butz from The Thursday Club.

Mary Skrabucha from SAY provided transportation, lunches and recruited the youth, along with lavender thank you gifts for the Ranch staff.

Many Thanks to Susan Farese, SJF Communications for putting together this wonderful picture video!