Youth Western Adventure Days

This respite program is principally focused on serving adolescent groups that are otherwise underserved, to include teens and pre-teens in our military families as well as those in foster or foster-like care environments. We also have an affinity for working with adolescents that seldom otherwise have the opportunity to experience the great outdoors, let alone equestrian activities.

The programs run from 1-day to 3-days and our activities are a blend of equestrian and non-equestrian experiences such as…


We start with a meet & greet with some of our horses. The basics of working with such large, powerful animals are introduced, including a discussion of the horse’s “flight” instincts, body language, herd dynamics and how mankind has developed such a powerful bond with these incredible creatures.

Experiences build from ground work demonstrations to ground work experiences, from grooming to tacking, eventually leading to some experience on horseback. The understanding and communication developed on the ground will translate to the saddle.

Through a series of discussion, drills, and applied applications participants will develop and enhance their knowledge, confidence and awareness working with the horse in various technical aspects of riding, including the importance of balanced riding position with correct use of hands and body.

Properly executed, riding is a “dance” that both partners should enjoy, welcome and embrace.

Private Client Rates

Group size up to 4                        $400
Group sizes 5 – 8                         $700
Group sizes 9 – 19                       $1,000


While countless studies show the therapeutic benefits of spending time in the “wild” outdoors, it too often falls victim to our fast-paced lifestyles and obsession with electronic stimulation. During these activities we explore the joys of a simpler life while building nature awareness, hand-eye coordination, and artistic self-expression.

Activities might include introductions to:

  • Farm animals
  • Archery
  • Nature hikes to learn more about our backcountry
  • Organic gardening and farm-to-table eating
  • Expressive arts such as sketching, painting, photography, leatherworking, collage and creative writing
John - Archery