Respite Retreats

Sadly, many of our veteran and caregivers are routinely challenged by the stress associated with difficult daily circumstances. These factors can keep one from having those precious moments needed to enjoy a relaxed state of mind, free of worry and distraction.  Such pressure can also quickly deteriorate one’s inner creativity and adversely impact one’s health and happiness.

Our ranch, in the foothills of the Cuyamaca Mountains, provides an idyllic location for a small group retreat.  Together, three to five people have the opportunity over two to five days to recharge, recover mental balance and strength needed to approach life’s challenges with a balanced and centered mind set.

Our facility offers some of the most spectacular natural surroundings that Southern California has to offer. This provides an idyllic gateway to experience rest and relaxation with opportunities for self-exploration. We can help bring a sense of peace and strength to those in need. While at Horse of the Sun Ranch our guests can schedule their days with nurturing experiences from a wide range of possible activities:

Programming Includes

  • Equestrian based self-empowerment clinics
  • Yoga sessions
  • Massage therapy
  • Guided and self-guided nature hikes
  • Expressive arts such as sketching, painting, photography, collage, leatherwork and creative writing
  • Archery instruction
  • Organic gardening classes

As with our Cowboy & Cowgirl Academies, multi-day guests are welcome to stay as our guest in the guesthouse. Daily lunches are provided; breakfasts and dinners are not hosted.

Respite retreats are custom priced according to number of participants, number of days/nights and activities selected.  Please contact our office to discuss your group’s needs and a custom quote/contract will be created for you.