Amigo is a fourteen-year old bay roan quarter horse that came to Horse of the Sun in 2016. He is very outgoing and athletic, loves to work cows, and has a sociable disposition.


Cappy, short for Cappuccino, is a thirteen-year old dun quarter horse who is a jack of all trades and participates in every program at Horse of the Sun. His warm personality makes him very approachable to new and inexperienced riders. Although he is very sweet, he is also a dependable cow and trail horse. Cappy joined the ranch in 2016.


Chance is a thirteen-year old white quarter horse with a big personality and is nicknamed “the unicorn” by the kids. He is easy-going and always happy to work. Chance participates in every program at Horse of the Sun. He joined the ranch in 2016.


Clark is a thirty-five year old Arabian who was rescued by Horse of the Sun Ranch in 2013. He participates in our program by being a safe horse for children to pet and groom. He loves the attention and is a bit of a ranch mascot.


This little mare is a liver chestnut quarter horse with a big heart. She came to us more than ready with a major background in cattle and ranch work.  Don’t be fooled by her small size, she outworks most of the horses on the ranch. She was foaled in 1997 and joined the ranch in 2017.


Hank is the foundation of our youth and beginner programs and offers a steadfast mind. He is a thirteen year-old chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail. As a big and strikingly handsome horse, the kids love him for his showiness. He joined the ranch in 2013.


The newest addition to the ranch, Jo-Joe is a thirteen-year old sorrel Quarter Horse. He has a positive and willing attitude, making him a joy to work with. He’s a been-there-done-that kind of horse with a lot of experience on a working ranch.


As one of the most experienced and athletic horses on the ranch, red chestnut gelding has a lot to offer in terms of teaching more experienced riders cattle work and horsemanship. Rider is a twelve-year old Appendix Quarter Horse and is loved for his hardworking disposition. He joined the ranch in 2015.


Tivio is a dark bay Quarter Horse with a background in cutting cattle. He has a great work ethic and is suitable for our experienced and inexperienced riders and even though he is sixteen-years old, the spark comes back when he begins to work cattle. He joined the ranch in 2013.


The biggest horse on the ranch, Tonka is a bay quarter horse with an incredible work ethic.  His reliable nature makes him suitable for youth programs and his athleticism is perfect for trail riding and cattle work. He was foaled in 2003 and joined the ranch in 2016.

Our Poultry

We have a hen turkey, plus five assorted-breed laying chickens.

Our Cattle

The ranch rents six to twelve young Corriente cattle throughout the year from J.T. Cattle Company.


Sponsorship levels are as follows:

Individual, family or group sponsor a horse for a year:          $2,400
Individual, family or group sponsor for the cattle:                 $2,500
Individual family or group sponsor for the chickens:             $600

Each sponsor will receive:

  • A plaque acknowledging their sponsorship, including a framed picture with the animal(s) and Managing Director
  • Recognition on our website
  • Featured in a plaque at the ranch acknowledging our Livestock Sponsors
  • Invitation for two to an annual private “Livestock Sponsors” luncheon hosted by the Board President and featuring a discussion about the the programs and the care of our animals