Meet the Horse of the Sun Board Members

Thank you to the Horse of the Sun Ranch Board members and staff pictured here during the January retreat at the Ranch.

The HSR Board has provided support, expertise and leadership to make the Ranch a wonderful healing, educational and respite community for youth, military veterans, active duty and their families. Special experiences include family days, Western skills training, horseback riding, cattle roping and leather craft.

HSR Board Members

Pictured from left: Andrew Oberreuter, Ken Callaway (Executive Director), Jerry Hall, Pat Fitzmorris (Development Director), Sean McMahan, Kim Clark and Mark Hyma.  (One Board member, Dave Krebs, is not pictured because he was in Michigan)  Photo by John Bauer.


Horse of the Sun Ranch is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit California corporation. We provide sponsored services for our underserved youth and military clients. We rely on individual donations, corporate sponsorships and grants to fulfill the costs of serving deserving clients without the means to pay for the services directly.