Get Involved

Whether through volunteer work or the gift of donations, there are many opportunities to support the work of Horse of the Sun Ranch.

We invite you to read the information below and learn how to support our cause through monetary donations or through volunteer work. Every dollar is appreciated and helps us meet our goals of serving others.

“Our task must be to free ourselves…by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole nature and its beauty.”

For information contact: Development Director, Patricia Fitzmorris
at or (619) 549-4101
or call Horse of the Sun Ranch (6190 473-8458

Bob King, Suzi Zielinski and Ken Calloway


Horse of the Sun Ranch is happy to customize sponsorship packages to bring maximum benefit to our partners and the clients whom we serve.
Non-restricted funds are always welcomed as they can support all operational needs.

Examples of Donor Impact:

$5,000  – Will fund a group of wounded veterans for a 5-day Cowboy Academy.

$3,000 – Will fund a group of wounded veteran caregivers for a 5-day retreat.

$2,000 – Will fund a 3-day Youth Western Adventure day-camp for up to 8 students.

$1,000 – Will fund a 1-day Horsemanship Clinic for veterans and active duty personnel.

$200 – Will care and feed a program horse for an entire month.

Donors with aggregated gifts of $5,000 or more will be acknowledged as a member of our President’s Posse

All benefits are negotiable, however, IRS guidelines require that the tax-deductible portion of the contribution be reduced by the tangible value of the benefits received.


Horse of the Sun Ranch is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit California corporation. We provide sponsored services for our underserved youth and military clients. We rely on individual donations, corporate sponsorships and grants to fulfill the costs of serving deserving clients without the means to pay for the services directly.

We also offer Horsemanship and Outdoor Adventure programming for a fee to the general public on a space-available basis. These service fees are applied directly to our programming costs allowing us to expand our service to disenfranchised youth and military families in need.

Your donation to Horse of the Sun Ranch is very much appreciated.

Please make a check payable to Horse of the Sun Ranch and mail to: P.O. Box 1595, Pine Valley, CA 91962

For donations by credit card, call our office to provide your card number or follow this link to PayPal.


 Volunteers at 2017 Wounded Heroes of American Day at the Ranch event.

While we are blessed with a professional staff that is able to cover our routine needs, projects do arise around the ranch, big and small, where a helping hand is appreciated.

If you would like to volunteer as an individual, group or corporation, please contact our Program Coordinator, Patricia Fitzmorris, at to discuss pending projects of potential interest. We will certainly seek to provide you with a fun and rewarding volunteer opportunity!