PhilosophyThe instructors, managerial staff and Board of Directors of Horse of the Sun Ranch are committed to creating the premier horsemanship and respite center in the west, enhancing the experiences through nature discovery. Offerings include a variety of equestrian and non-equestrian activities.

Most of the staff, board, and volunteers at Horse of the Sun Ranch have experienced the healing power of animals and nature at some point in our lives. We are passionate believers that horses in particular awaken a place in the human heart that opens the door for confidence to grow and inner peace to thrive.

Horses are large and powerful animals. Riding, caring for and working alongside them requires strength, balance, and confidence. Developing effective horsemanship skills over time can result in drastically improved strength: physical, mental and emotional. Building a relationship with one of these powerful animals requires a great deal of trust and self-confidence. The path to building that relationship is an intensely uplifting and empowering experience for children and adults alike. Sometimes referred to as being “a mirror of ourselves”, horses allow us to look within ourselves in a reflective manner with immediate feedback to overcome fears and perceived limitations.

We also realize that beyond the equine experience time spent in nature in any capacity promotes peace and healing. Psychologists in the emerging field of eco-therapy strongly agree that time outdoors is a key component of living a healthy lifestyle and is a vital part of mental, emotional, and physical development. Removing people from the noise of their modern lives and immersing them in the tranquility of a remote natural setting soothes the soul like nothing else. Horse of the Sun Ranch provides such a site.

We philosophically believe in collaboration, seeking to deliver diverse, inclusive and therapeutic experiences and optimize our services to clients in partnership with our community and social service agencies. We believe that by developing, nurturing and leveraging these relationship we can maximize our human, animal and natural resources to deliver the greatest service possible to our community.