Joe Cuffaro, Bob King and Jerry Hall

Our Mission

Deliver equestrian and respite programs that build mental and physical strength and relief for military veterans, under-served youth, and their families.

Our Vision

To leverage our resources by collaborating with select nonprofits that are already serving these communities so as to reach the greatest number that can best benefit from our programs.


In the summer of 2003, Jerry Hall and his friend, Joe Cuffaro, attended a “Cowboy School.”  The experience was hosted by clinician and master horseman Bob King; the classroom a Wyoming ranch surrounded by natural beauty as far as the eye could see. Steeped in cowboy tradition that extended deep into Mexico and California Vaquero history, the experience was exhilarating. Thus began Jerry’s dream of creating a similar program in his own community of San Diego.

Almost ten years later Jerry, now close to retirement as Alliant Insurance Service’s Chief Operating Officer, decided it was time to make this dream come true. A worthy but financially struggling 501(c)(3) corporation was adopted for an expanded offering to a broader service community. A search for the optimal site concluded when Jerry and his wife, Jill, purchased a 32 ½ acre horse facility. Though in need of refurbishment, it was perfectly located; a freeway friendly 45-minute drive from downtown San Diego, yet nestled in the foothills of the Cuyamaca Mountains with miles of open trail access.

As improvements were carried out, Jerry teamed with a professional staff and recruited a robust board. Their goal: develop and institute programs that would open access to many who would appreciate and benefit from equestrian and nature-based programs they might otherwise never have the opportunity to experience. To reach the greatest number with the greatest need, they would collaborate with other organizations; expanding the vital services already provided, while keeping the scope of the offerings as inclusive as possible.

With this backdrop, the board continued its youth program while adding its unique Cowboy Academy program, also embracing custom programming that extends beyond equestrian adventures. While specializing in equestrian-based programs, the board seeks to use the ranch to also host a variety of respite-based activities. The vision having been realized, operations were launched in 2014.