Supportive and Inclusive Environment

Entering a world that is completely new to many children and adults can be quite intimidating. We strive to provide a tranquil and compassionate environment conducive to healing and building confidence. We realize that the effects of physical and emotional challenges reach beyond the individual, which is why our programs are also available to spouses and principal caregivers.

Outstanding Industry Professionals and Instruction

We provide instruction by outstanding industry professionals. We are all horse people who have experienced, firsthand, the physical, mental and emotional benefits of working with horses and an inspiring natural environment, and we are passionate about sharing this experience with others.

Stewardship of the Land and Animals

As students will learn, our natural resources as well as our horses have much to offer us and require special attention. Our facility and the care of our horses showcase a high standard of quality and attention, resulting in a unique, peaceful and relaxing environment suitable for the exploration of nature through horsemanship.

Extensive Program Offering

We appreciate the challenges of learning to ride and of care for these amazing animals. Our program offerings are diverse and comprehensive, enabling us to accommodate clients experiencing horses for the first time alongside experienced riders, supporting each client’s progression as they build their confidence and knowledge.

Sustainable Business Model

The investment required to support a well maintained and successful nonprofit equestrian facility is extensive. Through partnering with organizations also committed to serving our constituency and through robust fund raising operating finances will be managed to support growth and diversity of programs to provide our clients with new and high quality experiences for years to come.