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Horse Of The SunHorse of the Sun Ranch is a nonprofit organization providing an array of equestrian and respite programs and activities. We are principally focused on healing the spirits of military families and underserved youth. Seeking to reach the greatest number with the greatest need, we actively collaborate with other organizations already serving these populations. To keep our programming as inclusive as possible, we also offer access to the general public. Nestled in the foothills of the Cuyamaca Mountains, Horse of the Sun Ranch allows you the opportunity to experience some of the most spectacular natural surroundings that Southern California has to offer, be it through one of our Horsemanship programs or an Outdoor Discovery activity. Think of our facility as a gateway for equestrian and respite programs that soothe physical and emotional challenges. We welcome inquiries about our various programs, as well as how you can get involved with our organization through donation, sponsorship or volunteer work.

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Our programs include a variety of equestrian and non-equestrian physical activities that enhance the experiences through immersion in natural settings.

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Building a relationship with one of these powerful animals is an intensely uplifting and empowering experience for children and adults.

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Get Involved

Whether through volunteer work or the gift of donations, there are many opportunities to support the work of Horse of the Sun Ranch.

Program Benefits

  • Enhances Social Relationships
  • Learn to Recognize, Accept and Cope with His / Her Fear
  • Fosters Feeling of Independence
  • Enhances Comprehension and Memory Skills
  • Teaches Anticipatory Response
  • Restores and Enhances Self-Image and Confidence
  • Improves Balance / Builds Muscle Strength
  • Creates Ambassadors of Nature

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